Decorating The Barton Creek Home by L2 Studio

I finally finished decorating the latest release from L2 Studio, the Barton Creek Home.  Creator Lindini2 Lane really outdid herself with this home. It is a well done home that comes with a separate tower and several patio/floor/pillar pieces that you can use to decorate the exterior. I am usually a size queen when it comes to prefabs but this four room home was a lot of fun to decorate.

Barton Creek House w/ Tower 88 land impact
Barton Creek House ONLY 68 land impact
Barton Creek Tower ONLY 20 land impact

Kitchen Accessories from The Loft
bag of groceries
dish rack
Steel Fruit Basket

Vine Blender, Scale, Basket of Shopping

From Standby (previous Arcade Gatcha)
Portable Espresso Machine (Sun)
 Coffee Grinder
 Coffee Bag (Espresso Roast)
Extra Cups

:CP: Dean Door Shelf VIP Gift

Trompe Loeil - Ashdon Living Room Suite

::GUDU::  RugRug_d

Woodstock, ANNA Victorian Fireplace
Deer Head Black, Harry's Boat, Tied Books

{iD} DeCo_TaBlE -01-

UrbanizeD - African Mask Wall Deco A - Masai (unavailable)


:: ONE GRID ::. Mesh Wall Tree with Lamp

Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Frame Old Walnut

From The Loft
Hufnie Deco Bowl, Suede Storage Bench, books 

Artwork: Female Nude by William H. Johnson

From Apple Fall (previous Arcade items)
Bastide Vanity RARE
 Body Butter (Fudge)
Scented Candles
 Jute Natural Rug
Beauty Is... frame

From [PM]Pixel Mode (previous Arcade items)
Old Time Bath RARE
Distressed Stool
 Flower Bowl
Bath Bombs RARE

From Bazar
bath towels, hair brush, soap

From The Loft
Leighton Toilet,  ToothBrushes and Toothpaste

-tb- Vanity - Brushes

*PRIMVISION* Gilt Ariadne Mirror

[DDD] Wall Candles

[AG] Purple LadySlipper Planter

::GUDU::  Rug_k

My Lady Artwork by ling Serenity
''Gossip'' artwork by ChapTer Kronfeld


In The Morning Before Coffee

From Head To Toe:

*Dura-Boys&Girls*24(Dark Grey)
AE Skins - Maha T3 Bare
{Sleepy Eddy} Pocket Watch Necklace (Silver) Arcade Gatcha
:Marshmallows::High Neck Sweater
:A&M:. Reader Glasses -  Black
Slink Mesh Feet
Slink Mesh Hands
Milk Motion wool cape - black
coldLogic skirt - page.onyx
AE Pantyhose for SLINK Appliers Black
Ingenue :: Delia Heels (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Noir
Location: Neva Sky Villi


Autumn #1 Papi & Me

LaViere- Cashmere Flat Cap Olive
ROLE OPTIC SG-56 Arcadi glasses
BoHo HoBo Scarf
JANE - drew long sleeve tee
Adam n Eve Skins - Maha skin
fri. - Designer Jean (Regular Wash)
Slink Basic Mesh Hands
ISON - oversized wool coat
[LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair
Papi: TuTys - Mesh Pet Carrier - Chiwawa
ISON - cult riding boots


The Oakwood Manor

I discovered The Domineaux Effect a couple of years ago at the Home & Garden Expo and
immediately became a fan. Creator Domineaux Prospero's collection of mesh prefabs and outdoor accessories are high in quality and classic.  Her homes are among my favorites because of her extreme detail to everything from the textures to the smallest fixtures.  Her homes are also realistically proportioned to the 'average/normal' avatar height, which means the doorknobs won't hit you in the forehead when you walk in a room (major pet peeve of mine). The rooms are just the right size so your furniture will fit comfortably without being swallowed up in a vast amount of space. For the layout challenged, you will be able to tell which room is which by the names she gives to the doors.

Featured below are some of the rooms from The Oakwood Manor, which was released several months ago and recently updated to include a materials option.  The home includes a dining room, a great room, a rec room, a bathroom and kitchen and more. You also have the option of rezzing two bedrooms or four, and the entire home is resizeable.  This is a home that will remain in my collection and I will always have fun decorating it whenever I rez it.

The Great Room:
The Loft - The Alder Living Room Set
Aria - Lorelei Piano & Chair
Trees from Botanical

The Rec Room:
Art Dummy - summertide sofa & chairs
Lisp -  mesh blinds
Pilot - Bridges bar cart, burger meal
The Loft - TV stand/Entertainment system, Dunham coffee table, Dunham console, Meid lamp, lacquared tray, Hufnie deco bowls, plant, remote, king chess piece, Roxanne wooden bowls, Dunham objet d'Art. Dunham poufs
22769 -  art books, vase
Second Spaces - 4 across set
Apple Fall - Kensington book shelf (spotlights from Scarlet Creative), chinese food
Barnesworth Anubis - treasure box
Culprit - Budha Heads
Mudhoney - All You Need is Love wall poster
Urbanized -  Rusty Vases (store closed)

The Dining Room:
Bazar - Floria Dining Set

The Kitchen:
Bazar - Floria Kitchen
The Loft - dish rack, steel fruit basket, cookbooks, bag of groceries, pickled veggies, tierra art, Meid lilacs
Lisp - Vine blender & scale
What Next - Cafetiere

The Bedroom
The Loft - Claryon Suite Black, letter frames